Fry Pan Carbon SKOTTSBERG®

Article number S532660
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Product description

The SKOTTSBERG® Carbon Steel frying pan has the look of a non-stick coating and is valued for a number of special properties. The pan is pre-seasoned, that is; the pan has been burned in twice with vegetable oil and reacts like a non-stick pan. In addition, the bottom of the pan has the perfect thickness (2.5 mm) to prevent the bottom of the pan from warping on induction. The handle of the pan is hollow and does not absorb the heat from the pan.This frying pan can withstand high temperatures and is therefore very suitable for searing, baking and frying vegetables, fish, meat, potatoes, pancakes or wraps and preparing a delicious paella or sandwich. This Carbon Steel frying pan heats up quickly and requires little fat to prepare meat. With this frying pan you not only put the tastiest but a